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A New Chance for The Church

November 12, 2016


Right now in america there is a divide. Well there are more than one divide but right now it has become increasingly clear that we are not as united as we once thought. Throughout this most recent election cycle our personal preferences have been pandered to and used to elicit strong emotional responses. It’s not […]

Lenten Meditation – week 1

March 12, 2014


For the past couple of years Meag and I have tried to do different things during lent to help us draw nearer to God. The customary abstinence from some mindless task, the addition of more spiritual practices into our lives, trying to be more intentional with our relationships, etc . . . This year one […]

What’s Killing Christianity pt.2

March 18, 2013


What’s Killing Christianity? We are… more specifically Christian Subculture is killing our witness. The more we fight for our rights not only do we seem petty compared to those truly suffering for their faith we are also blatantly disobeying the teaching of Jesus. We do it because of idolatry. Three forms mainly; Greed for power, […]

What is killing Christianity? pt 1

March 4, 2013


What’s killing Christianity in America? Let me explain that a little bit. Is Christianity really under attack? Fox News seems to think so, some radio hosts think so, some writers and bloggers definitely think so. They site legislation that “limit’s our rights”, they see it as a form of legal persecution. They talk about how […]


February 6, 2013


It’s a given that the Christian Church is fragmented. But one thing we should not be is divided. That may seem obtuse so let me clarify this… In 1 Corinthians Paul addresses some division that was happening among the Church in the city of Corinth. This specific instance was that people were identifying with specific […]

Complementarian vs. Egalitarian (pt 4) – The other one (pt 2)

November 9, 2012


This is a continuation of The other one (pt 1) The issue that we were about to jump into is – An Understanding of Image bearing   In the beginning God created all things. But He did something special when He made humans.   Genesis 1:26-27 26Then God said, “Let us make man in our image, after our […]

Complementarian vs. Egalitarian (pt 4) – The other one (pt 1)

November 8, 2012


We have covered two views regarding gender equality in the church intro Complementarianism Egalitarian To sum up: Complementarian = God made men and women different to do different things and gifts us differently to achieve those things. Egalitarian = God made men and women differently but Christ makes us equal so we are able and allowed to do anything […]