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The Gospel-shaped Life

September 1, 2009


I am convinced that the Christians most powerful witness to the reality of the resurrection is expressed in and through the dynamic experiencing and expressing of the Gospel-shaped life. One of the greatest tragedies of historical theology i.e., the movement(s) of interpretive process and practice within God’s Word in Church history, is found in Christianity’s […]

Making Sense of Suffering

August 27, 2009


I am convinced that one of the greatest joys and inheritances of the Christian faith lies in making sense of suffering. Existing as one of the most interconnected experiences known to humanity, it is in our shared familiarity to suffering that we are all joined to the adverse effects of human depravity and Adam’s sin. […]

Walk On

August 18, 2009


Often times, I feel the “religious epidemic” of spiritual discontentment can be avoided when our expectations are grafted into the true heart of God. The Heavenly Father does not say “work harder, perform better, be spiritual enough”, but merely “walk”. Walking is earthy and bland, not as flashy as a good hard run, or a […]