Lenten Meditation – week 1

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For the past couple of years Meag and I have tried to do different things during lent to help us draw nearer to God. The customary abstinence from some mindless task, the addition of more spiritual practices into our lives, trying to be more intentional with our relationships, etc . . .

This year one of the things that I am doing is creating a series of Guided prayers that follow some ancient traditions.

This whole idea came from some recordings that I found during college of an episcopal Friar leading weekly examen style reflection on specific stories or bible passages. These recordings helped me find a nearness to God that I had missed for a long time. It is my hope that creating these will bring me closer to God in a very intentional and purposeful way, and that it will do the same for others.

This first track is an examen style reflection over the year so far and psalm 139.

The next several will be in the style of Lectio Divina.

* Just a side note about the methods of prayer and reflection that I chose to use. First I will not be asking you to clear your mind, but to fill it with Scripture and the Spirit. These are times to open yourself to God through meditation on His word.

The Examen was developed by St. Ignatius  and Lectio Divina is a Benedictine practice. They both have been practiced and used by Christians throughout the world longer than most american denominations have existed. I have found them to be a refreshing change of pace from the Modern American way of praying and reading scripture where we pile as much of our stuff on God and try to extract as much “useful” information out of His word without much pause to consider what the God of the Universe wants to show us in His word, or what he wants to do in our hearts.

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