Complementarian vs. Egalitarian (pt 1) – the beginning

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It’s been far too quiet around her lately and so I figured I’d jump back into the blog-o-sphere with something to shake the boat.

Gender Equality in the Church – Yay!!!!!!!! Fun topic.

Ok, so if you were unaware this is one of the “third rail” topics of discussion. Meaning you don’t touch it unless you want that relationship to die. People either feel strongly about this topic, or don’t know that they feel strongly about this yet.

To boil down the complex set of issues held within this feisty little ball of practical theology, I would say that it’s about who can exercise  leadership in the church. And really it becomes about whether women can exercise leadership. Because no one really questions that men can be leaders, in the bible… the most of them are men. So, easy, half done, right?

Well not really, see not all men are called to be leaders. We see in the 1 & 2 Timothy that there are qualifications to lead. We also see stories in the bible of men who tried to be leaders and were stopped, or failed because God wasn’t behind them.

So the list of men that should lead is probably a lot smaller than the amount of men trying to lead.

But the controversial issue at hand is…

Where do women fit in?

we’ll talk about the complementary view, the egalitarian view, and one that most of you haven’t heard of (probably)

But between now and then I want to plant this seed in your head. When we talk about this issue we aren’t talking of some abstract piece of knowledge to get right. We are talking about real flesh and blood people, made in God’s image, seeking to serve Him and please Him. Wherever you land, this needs to be right in front of you. This is about people. Think of your Mom, your sister, your wife, your daughter, your friends, put their faces on this.

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