Christians at War

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Christian life is war, a seemingly endless series of battles. It begins at the moment of conversion, maybe before. When we accept our salvation we receive the Holy Spirit and the fight begins in earnest. Before that we could have been content to serve our sin nature and not fight against the things that enslave us. But with the Holy Spirit comes a Victory and a battle.

The outcome is secured, WE”VE WON! But the battles have yet to be fought. These fights aren’t physical ones, per se, it is against spirits that would wrest the peace, security, glory, and praise of God from us.

Paul saw this fight in himself (Rm. 7:14-25) and encouraged us to put on the armor of God (Eph. 6:10-20) and fight the good fight (1 Tim 6:12, 2 Tim 4:7). David saw a physical threat to his life and wrote psalms out of that Conflict. Recently it seems that I can’t open up the psalms without finding David asking for God to protect him from his attackers and deal with them harshly. We may not be under threat of physical violence but those psalms can speak to the inner, and sometimes not so inner, struggle against that which seeks to destroy our lives, spiritual and physical.

These battles come in waves, in seasons, but if we do not recognize the fact that we are fighting for our faith and to the glory of God those times can catch us off guard and weaken our resolve. I know that when I lose sight of spiritually combative nature of being a Christian I most often lay down and take a beating assuming it must be some divine punishment or something I have brought on myself. Or worse yet I see the fight as pointless, as something I can’t win. But We have already won, and God’s love for us is not based on our success but on His.

Now I say this to myself as much as to anyone else. FIGHT! God has won the war for us, now fight like it, to the glory of God

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