Romney at Liberty: why are all the blogs silent?

Posted on May 18, 2012 by


As a fundemental-continuationist-progressive christian I follow a lot of different blogs. Something has been surprising and honestly a little troubling to me in the past week. No one is calling out Liberty for having a Mormon give their commencement address. Before you write me off on this let me explain.

Liberty is considered the largest “Evangelical” Christian University in America. They have a fairly strict moral code and pretty tight theological benchmarks for their students. There is a general reputation for conservative values and biblical theology that Mr. Falwell lent to the university and one that they have built upon since their inception. Basically Liberty is considered by most as a really good christian school, being both really good, and really christian.

It’s not weird to me that they had Romney speak there. Exposing students to a diversity of thought and opinion is part of their job. It’s pretty weird to me that they gave him the Commencement. The commencement ceremony is the highpoint of the college experience, and the address therein is fairly influential as it is one of the last things you hear coming from that kind of authority. So you could assume that when selecting speakers you would want to chose someone who will sum up, both in character and in speech, what you want the students to take with them from their university experience. So choosing a Mormon elder, and a pretty high ranking one at that, to give the commencement address at the largest “evangelical” Christian university seems weird.

But the thing that really annoyed me was that the conservative blogosphere was silent. All the guys from the right that rip into each other and everyone leaning middle to left kept their mouths shut. But you could bet that if liberty had Rob Bell give the commencement address, Driscoll, Piper, MacArthur, The Gospel Coalition bloggers, and a litany of others would be writing scathing posts and calling for some kind of explanation, or repentance.

So what does this say about the state of Christianity in America? We are too politicized.

Liberty had Romney speak because he is thepresumptive republican nominee for the presidency. His political power and affiliation make him their keynote speaker of the year despite the fact that most if not all the faculty would say that his religion is not Christianity and does not lead to eternal life.I’m rarely guilty of making snap judgements about things but sometimes it just happens. The moment I heard about Romney’s address it moved liberty from a Christian university to a conservative republican university in my mind.

The bloggers say nothing because it seems like they have made the same conclusion I have, and are fine with it. Even though Liberty is still touted as “The largest evangelical university in America” and they are actively supporting  a leader of a religion that the bloggers themselves would say is at least “not orthodox” and if your Driscoll ” the worship of demons “.

I have some issue with Liberty’s choices, but that’s not my school and the students seemed fine with it. I have major issue with the Christian voices that were so quick and loud to denounce and condemn a man for questioning the existence of hell while still loving Jesus and exalting Him as God, but remained silent when THE “evangelical” school brings politics and other (“false”) religions into their students graduation ceremony.

We are to be about the Kingdom of God, and that has nothing to do with our political affiliations. So please stop mixing the two, and be consistent in the defense of your values.