Review – Jesus Driven Ministry

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Review – Jesus Driven Ministry


I recently finished going through this book in our weekly staff meetings (there’s two of us) so instead of a daily review of it. I thought I’d do a full review, with chapters in mind.  First off is a little info on the author.

From Zondervan’s website:

Ajith Fernando, ThM, DD, is national director of Youth for Christ in Sri Lanka (since 1976) and a Bible expositor with a worldwide ministry. He studied at Asbury Theological Seminary and Fuller Seminary, and spends much time mentoring young workers and counseling Christian workers. He is active in Colombo Theological Seminary as chairman of the academic affairs committee.

This book carries the recommendation of Ravi Zacharias, John Piper, Robert E. Coleman, R. Kent Hughes, Maxie D. Dunnam, and Gregory Waybright.

I really enjoyed this book. Fernando’s writing style is informal, almost conversational as a mentor to a mentee. He always supports his points with scripture, sometimes pages of it. As he talked about some controversial subjects he gave a balanced view that encouraged moderation and seemed to decidedly avoid the error of extremes.  I found his content to be very helpful and insightful, giving the benefit of his years in ministry and his heart for training up new leaders.

At times I found the amount of scriptural support to border on overkill. And I must point out that he is writing directly to minsters, which may leave some feeling a little excluded.

His constant focus on Jesus and following the way He did ministry and life is reassuring and encouraging. There is little expounding on an idea that doesn’t come directly from scripture and is in some way derived from Jesus’ words, actions, or teachings.

I would classify him as “a charismatic with a seat-belt”, meaning that he does not believe that the miraculous works of the Spirit have ended, but believes that we should follow biblical guidelines when practicing these gifts of the Spirit. This comes out in several chapters. Namely chapters 2 (Empowered by the Spirit), 3 (Affirmed by God), and 12 (Ministering to the Sick and Demon-Possessed).

I would recommend this book highly to those just starting in ministry, like me, and for those who have been serving for a long time and need to be shaken from their comfortable routines, or to be encouraged in their faithful service.



I will post a chapter by chapter review shortly

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