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Recently I realized how many books I’m reading right now, it’s more than is probably necessary. So I decided to do an episodic (as I read) review for each of them. Here are the titles and my expectations of each book as I begin reading them. [ed. 2/10/11 1:59pm] (previously| what I think they are about before actually reading them.)

Eat This Book (a conversation in the art of spiritual reading)– Eugene H. Peterson| I’m anticipating this book to be a defense of the discipline of reading the Bible, and a presentation of exercises that will increase intimate and personal nature of reading God’s word.

Portrait of Karl Barth – George Casalis (translated by Robert McAfee Brown)| This is presented as a short biography that gives insight into an influential theologian. As a side note Casalis’ “portrait” was  read by Barth who said that Casalis ” understood my thought very well indeed, and that in [his] survey I have discovered to my joy the same intent which is at the foundation of my own life and work.’

Listening To the Past: The Place of Tradition In Theology – Stephen R. Holmes | This was suggested to me as an introduction to the church fathers and how to look at their work in a formative light. It seems to be a balance between contending for using historical christian doctrine in tandem with (but not equal to) scriptures, and examples from different historical and theological eras.

Chazown: define your vision, pursue your passion, live your life on purpose – Craig Groeschel | This is about finding God’s calling for your life. Creating a coherent vision, and how to practically live this out. We are going through this book with the Ministry Teams at Calvary East

Crazy Love: overwhelmed by a relentless God – Francis Chan| This book has been recommended by several people and is born out of the reflections and convictions of Francis Chan, a pastor from California. (I got this for Meag for Christmas and figured she wouldn’t mind sharing)

Jesus Driven Ministry – Ajith Fernando | This book encourages those in ministry to have and hold a biblical and Jesus centered philosophy of ministry.  He brings up some issues that he sees as important for those serving the church to think about and come to biblical conclusions on.

Waking the Dead: the glory of a heart fully alive – John Eldredge | I got this years ago as a gift for my high school graduation and am just now reading it… I have found that, like other Eldredge books, this is a two by four to the head to wake up to the truth of who God is and who He expects you to be.

-Audio Books-

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Pursuit of Holiness – Jerry Bridges | The title is pretty much and adequate description of this book. It is a stern and persuasive case for the follower of Christ to not rest on a false idea of grace, but to step into the holiness that God has called us to.

Vintage Church: timeless truths and timely methods – Mark Driscoll & Gary Breshears |  Part church history, Part ecclesiology, in the voice of Driscoll with the knowledge and experience of Breshears.  I expect a comprehensive and engaging experience.

I’m pretty sure that covers them all… I will amend this if I start anymore (probably ill advised)

Looking forward to this.