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Podcast Review

In the past two years I have listened to 2,427+ hours of sermons and lectures. This was due to a warehouse job that let me wear headphones while working, and then a long commute.

These posts will, Lord willing, give you the benefit of my many hours spent listening to men preach and teach about God, doctrine, the church, and planting them.

Unfortunately storage limits dictate that many of these podcasts have a limit to how many files they can have up at one time. I will talk about that for each podcast.


Mark Driscoll: Mars Hill Church

Luckily Mars Hill keeps a pretty extensive online record of Driscoll’s preaching, starting in September of 2000 through to last week.

A few stand out sermons/series are –

–          Pray Like Jesus: The High Priestly Prayer  Pts. 1&2 (9/8-14/2008)

–          Pray Like Jesus: The Lord’s Prayer (7/28/2008)

–          Spiritual Warfare Pts. 1-4 (8/11-31/2008)

–          1st Corinthians

  • Spiritual Gifts Pts 1-6 (8/06 – 9/17/2006)
  • One body, Many Parts (7/30/2006)

–          Religion saves

  • Faith and works (2/10/08)
  • Grace (1/27/08)
  • Predestination (1/20/08)

Matt Chandler: The Village Church

The Village Church keeps a complete archive since January 2003, including all guests and associate sermons.

A few stand out sermons/series are –

–          Village Core Values Pts 1-5 (4/13-5/10/08)

–          The Role of Men Pts 1-3 (8/12 -8/26/05)

–          Freedom Vs. Narcissism (9/2/07)

–          Heart Matters (5/20-6/24/07)

–          Luke series pt 32: Deconstruct/Reconstruct (10/26/08)

–          The church series Pts 2-4 (1/17 – 2/1/09)

–          Repentance Pts 1-3 (3/08-3/22/09)

–          Games people play Pts 1-3 (7/11/09, 8/02-8/09/09)

–          The Path Pts 1-11 (9/13-11/01/09, 1/10-1/17/10)

For those who are more academically inclined there are some great resources that really push you deeper.

One of those is Covenant Seminaries “Worldwide Classroom”.

It is a great service where they make available entire collegiate and masters level courses.

The ones I’ve listened to are.

–          Ancient and Medieval Church History

–          Christian Worship

–          New Testament History and Theology

–          Old Testament History

–          Reformation and Modern Church History

Covenant Seminary is a Presbyterian institution and hold to the doctrinal ideals of the Presbyterian Church in America. So if that is not your denomination be aware that some of the content might not be what you believe. But I believe that the benefit far outweighs the inconvenience.

In Between the preaching and the lecture veins are Conference podcasts. Conferences usually only keep a backlog of about 2-3 events worth of content up at a time. That just means that if you should save to a hard drive any content that you may need to review in a year or two.  Two conferences that I follow pretty closely are;

Acts 29 – a “new reformed” church planting network that gives great conferences with deep content and pragmatic issues.


The Resurgence – a service of Mars Hill church Seattle that tries to equip and train leaders in the church.

There are a lot of other great resources out there like –

John Piper

Rob Bell

Francis Chan

Brian Houston

To name but a few…

There are lot of great preachers and teachers out there. One disclaimer though. Never take what you hear as the truth until you have tested it by the Scriptures. Be intelligent about your faith.

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