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matthew 12:34 “…For the mouth speaks out of that which fills the heart.”

One of the best ways I’ve heard this concept summed up is this;

If we lie it’s not that we are a generally good person who sometimes lies. We are the kind of person who lies. (Matt Chandler)

We’ve all heard that sin is a  “heart issue” but who really understands what that means the first time they hear it. And after hearing it a million times does it have the same impact it did when the truth of it first hit you.

Personally,  being the kind of Man who lies carries a lot of weight to it. And it’s not just Lying.

you can be… ” the kind of person” who hates people, who cheats, who steals, who lusts, who has no compassion, who is lazy, who doesn’t trust God. In truth we are all of these, each and every one of us. But the grace of God and His never ending compassion takes our willing submission and changes the very core of who we are.

There is a thirst for authenticity today. We’ve all seen, and can pick out of a crowd, the people who aren’t what they seem. I think a large part of that is because we’ve become people who just know what to do. We aren’t “the kind of people” who do what’s right.

For example… You go to a worship concert and you see someone leading, they have their eyes closed and their hands raised and are dancing. But something just feels off. They aren’t worshiping God, they are acting like they are worshiping God.

Sunday morning you go to a conservative church and sing amazing hymns full of truth and zeal for the Lord. And all around you no one moves, no one smiles, the man leading the songs barely slows down enough for any content to sink in. They are singing truths but it has no impact on them.

if we want to lead with passion, we need to be “the kind of person” who is passionate about what we are doing.

The key to authentic leading is being the same person in every aspect of life.

In a meeting with my pastor he said that “If you want to be a different kind of leader you need to be that kind of person.”

There are leaders who are very animated and demonstrative. And there are leaders who are stoic and even keel. Personally I lean to the stoic side, I’m a very chill person. But as I’ve studied God’s word and what leaders do I’ve been convicted.

“When we fail to demonstrate delight and satisfaction in God, we’re not only dishonoring God, we’re disobeying Him.” Bob Kauflin, Worship Matters.  This can seem a bit over the top at first but look at how many scriptures tell, not ask, us to show our affections (emotions)

psalm 9:14
Eph 5:19
Col. 3:16
1Pt. 2:9
James. 5:13

And those are just some of the ones that mention Praise.

One of the most interesting thing is that we are not commanded to praise God without reason. Looking at the passages around those commanding praise we can see an aspect of God’s character that evokes our praise.

The truth is that our hearts should be moved by the character of God and the works of His hands.

So when we get up front on Sunday and model for the congregation what “worship looks like.” It needs not only to be a biblical response to the truth of God’s word, it needs to come from the core of our being.

As worship leaders there is only so much we can do to model biblical worship. We are generally considered the outlier when it comes to worship, cause we “get it”, it’s “our thing”. But the true worship leader of the church in most of America is the preacher. As music leaders we can raise our hands, bow down prostrate, and cry out to God, but if the preacher stands stoically through the whole service so will most of the congregation. Consider this my plea to the General preaching populace to Worship Biblically in front of your people. I understand that it’s just not who you might be, it’s not who I am, but it’s who we should be. David, King of Israel and man after God’s own heart, danced in a way that Michal thought was undignified. But he was dancing for the LORD, and the people recognized his passion for the LORD, even if his wife didn’t. Showing our love for God physically doesn’t make us less distinguished, immature, or liberal. It makes us men who Love God and worship Him Biblically.

So how do we become authentic in leading the Church in worship? We pray, and pray, and pray. We study God’s word. We pray. And we step out in faith.

Something that I had to mull over for a while, considering a few people who have said that the majority of the positions of worship are positions of the heart, was that Jesus gave us two sacraments. He command of us Baptism, and Communion. Both of these are physical expressions of spiritual truths.

Let us be men and women who lead with Knowledge, Passion, and Authenticity.

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