Old Testament Jesus

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As a church we are going to be reading through the whole bible in 2010. I really want to encourage people to find Jesus in every passage.

In Luke 24:13-35 we see post resurrection Jesus appears to Cleopas and friend. When they express their disappointment that Jesus was not the Messiah they expected, a military and earthly king, Jesus shows them how all the prophets speak to his coming. “beginning with Moses and all the prophets He explained to them what was said in all the Scriptures concerning Himself”.

Drawing from this passage there is a school of thought that says that all of scripture is about Jesus. Granted sometimes it will be easier to see the big correlations but there is a goal set for us by Christ Himself. “What was said in ALL Scriptures concerning Himself”.

There are different ways that the old testament speaks of Jesus.

Christophany – This refers to the incarnation of Christ before, or after, He lived on earth as the man Jesus of Nazareth.

Some examples are

1) When Jacob wrestles God in Genesis 32. In Hosea “the man” is referred to as “the angel of the LORD”. In General when the scriptures say “the” angel of the Lord some count it as a Christophany. But there is some debate whether or not these are actually appearances of Christ.

2)A new testament example would be when Jesus appears to Paul on the road to Damascus, Acts 9. This one isn’t really debated, he says “I am Jesus,” case closed.

Typologically- This is a way of looking at the figures of the old testament as “types”. This can be an event, like taking Jonah and seeing that his time in the whale prefigures Jesus’ burial and resurrection. Or the sacrifice of Issac showing how God will take his own Son, Jesus, and sacrifice Him for the sins of the World. It can also be in a person, like looking at David as a king and seeing in him an aspect of the King of Kings. Or looking at a prophet like Elijah and seeing the final and greatest prophet, the word of God made flesh, Jesus Christ.

There are enumerable times that you can do this in the Old testament, the most reliable are those that are mentioned in the new testament, i.e. Jonah (Matthew 12:40)

Prophetically – Probably the first prophetic book that comes to mind when thinking of ones that point to Jesus is Isaiah. But there are other places that also speak of the “son of man” or have messianic prophesies. Even looking into the psalms there are those called the Messianic Psalms where the psalmist, usually David, writes words that point to Jesus. Sometimes Jesus even Quotes these Psalms, like Psalms 22, “My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?”

It is my Goal this next year is to be seeking Jesus in the old testament.

I hope that it will convince me of the surpassing power and wisdom of God.