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At the Gospel Coalition this year John Piper and D.A. Carson gave partner talks on the pastor as scholar and the scholar as pastor. Afterwards they did a Q&A together.

here is the link to that Q&A

They spend some time talking about their concerns for the Church in the upcoming years, and the one that has been on my mind, since I listened to this podcast 2+ weeks ago, is John Pipers last concern (at 19:50).

He says that he is concerned about contemporary worship styles being able to maintain the weight of the glory of God over the long haul (my summary)

He is talking not just about the music, but also the manner with which we speak about what we do, they ways we interact with the congregation and they with each other. There is some part of us that want’s our gatherings to feel “homey” and almost “campy”. But what do we do when we are addressing the fact that we are hopelessly sinful and that the grace of God is the only thing that can save us? Is that a light topic to be trounced on by songs that are “just fun” or superficial greetings that are sappy in the face of an almighty God?

Worship is a weighty thing. We are coming before the Lord Most High. We are gathering as the body of Christ. We are praising through Jesus, To Jesus, about Jesus.

I am begining to feel the weight of this wonderful task, and have begun to earnestly seek God’s face in this.

Lord let us not become singers of trite songs, let us proclaim with powerful verse your holiness

Let us not be speakers of cavalier words, let us declare your glory with every breath.

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