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I had a thought this morning. How many of us around the world feel called to be a Worship Leader but have yet to find the place that they are called?

I’ve found the process of looking for a position somewhere to be frustrating, encouraging, tiring, energizing, and all around self contradictory. But through it all there is the overriding sense of God’s provision. As the jobs “to put food on the table” come and go it brings a sense of “this isn’t what I’m supposed to be doing.” Sometimes I think that is my flesh being malcontent so I pray for the ability to see what God is doing in my current situations to shape and mold me. Sometimes He gives me that knowledge, mostly I simply feel a very strong “Just trust me.”

As I talk to other “want to be” worship leaders I see that different people view this calling very differently. I wonder if that is just the specific person and what they are to be doing or is it that some of us truly misunderstand what it is we are striving to be.

This is what I see as the call to lead worship.

1. The world is not my oyster and I’m not entitled to be famous or even recognized. I am called to point people to Christ.

2. It’s so much more than music. The musical aspect of worship is so much more than notes and words. It’s a battle. We are part of a war, and we are on the winning side. This touches the part of me that wants to let it become another “gig”. If we are truly entrenched in a war how can we let our sins and our attitudes drag others, unknowingly, into danger.

3. I am called to serve. Our greatest example is Jesus, the greatest servant leader the world has ever known. We can also look to the Levites and see the role of musical leader and servant conjoined. I am not a rockstar, I am not a celebrity, I am a servant. No job is too small, no person is unimportant.

There is more, to be sure, but for now those are the important things.

There is one thing that we all must understand. This call is a privilege. It’s not a right, it’s not something we’re entitled to because we’ve paid our dues. It’s not something to force, coerce, or buy your way into. God uses who He will. He has chosen murderers (Moses, Paul, David). He has chosen people who just don’t get it (Peter, Gideon). He has chosen people who crumble in certain situations (Abraham, Elijah). I believe strongly that God does choose the weak to lead the strong so that we all know it’s Him. I’m not saying that driven, type A people aren’t called by God and don’t get things done. They surely are and most certainly do. But they know themselves and know that deep down they are failures. On our own we all are failures and all around bad people. But God moves in and through people to accomplish His works.

Be encouraged. If you feel a true call to lead God’s people in worship but haven’t found where yet, trust in Him. Study the Word, especially the Timothy’s and Titus, to make sure we do not disqualify ourselves from leadership in His church. Strive to be the man/woman God is calling us to be, and calling us to disciple. Let us make sure that, when we are called, we are ready.

Now may the God who gives perseverance and encouragement grant you to be of the same mind with one another according to Christ Jesus, so that with one accord you may with one voice glorify the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ.

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