UnEnding Love

Posted on November 2, 2008 by


I have been struck this weekend by how God loves us. It’s amazing to me how often we reject and rebel against God, even unconsciously, and He still pursues us.

I had a really rough Friday this past week, I felt out of place and ineffective and lost. Like all the mistakes that I have made have fractured and stained my life beyond repair, and I was left wondering if God could use me at all. And all this in the face of a very visible answer to prayer on thursday.

On Thursday I stopped at work and stood there and prayed to God that, “we are ready God, whatever you have for us we are ready. Please move in and for us.” And that night I had a unexpected phone interview for a possible position within a planting network to help lead God’s people in worship.

But come friday I was broken with my own brokenness. So saturday we went to church at night and Jason, our pastor, Drilled it into us that God Loves You. and we sang it and I realized that I have not loved Him well, I put my marriage above Him, I put our finances above Him, and although none of the things that i was doing were wrong, they were actually good biblical things to do,  but my motivation was off and misdirected.

and yet God loves. God is soo amazing. and God Loves.

Even though God is holy and cannot stand our sin, and we are all full of it, He loves us none the less and Jesus stands in the fracture, and pulls us to Himself and covers us in His love and grace.

Love God, Hate sin

Love others, Hate sin

God loved you first.

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