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Some have idealized the early church as the ultimate model of the church. Others look at it and say that it was the very first form of church and way more problems than it had successes. I see it as a model of church for the time that they lived in. the culture was pagan and offended at their claim of one god that would not allow other faiths into paradise, that stood as a new moral standard but reached out with love to those in thier cities.

But as time went on and the western world came into Christendom the need for these models diminished.

Now we are returning to a pluralistic, spiritual culture that is exclusive to open theism, and intolerant of exclusivity and intolerance.

We also stand in a time where religiosity is standing in stark opposition to the pluralistic spirituality of popular culture. the “religious right” stands with its rules added to scripture and it’s moralistic salvation and has become a shadow of the jewish religiousity of Christs time.

The time of the early church hasn’t returned but our cultural circumstance are getting closer and closer to that first century mindset of people in culture, politics and religion and how they interplay. so the models of the early church are becomeing more effective. But I predict in 100 years or so, save that the Lord should return, we will be facing an emerging model of churches closer to the catholic and orthodox traditions.

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