|| The Beginning |

Posted on February 19, 2008 by


After a long discussion in my house tonight I have come to the conclusion that sometimes the conversations that seem to accomplish nothing are the ones we need the most. Specifically the ones that end with the realization that there is a better way and we need to be striving for it.  We may not know what that “better way” is or how to implement it, but knowing that there is something to be done is an essential part of the process.

Sometimes we try to start solving a problem by solving the problem and we don’t give ourselves time to realize there is a problem and there are different ways to solve it. Part of the reason that we do this is because it doesn’t feel good to talk about something for a long period of time and not have a solution. So to save ourselves from that discontentment we Begin at the ending, we try to solve it.

I am so grateful for the times when I’m aloud to sit and talk about things that need to change in my own life, in the Church, in my school, in my relationships, our country and not feel pressured to have an answer or to have a course of action to implement post haste.

Next time you are talking about a problem or outdated methods or generally weak methods, allow yourself to come to the conclusion that things need to change. Sure define it, make sure that you can iterate it well. But don’t pressure yourself to come up with the answers right away. allow your brain to rest, and especially allow God to speak.

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