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I have been thinking a lot lately about orthodoxy and orthopraxy, only in much less heady terms. If we trust that what we believe is true how is that affecting our lives? How does being a Christian affect your day to day decisions? How does associating with a specific denomination affect how you interact with people? Should it? Does it?

I would say that our actions are the windows to our beliefs. We can come to the knowledge of truth and not accept it. At Christian universities, one of which I attend, one of the favorite activities is to sit around pontificating about the downfalls of society. Or at least trying to work out what it is we actually believe. We leave these discussions feeling validated because we have taken the time to think through what we believe, to look at the scriptures for biblical support, to read through commentaries and theological papers to find that there is some history to our stance. But how do we act on it.

Growing up, the neighborhood I lived in had a problem that I diagnosed by middle school.  Everyone had an opinion about what was wrong, what could be done better, how to fix things. They could make plans about what to do and how much time it should take. But no one, save those in authority (where the buck stops), would do anything.

In all of this it has become increasingly apparent to me that the things we believe in heart affect our actions. It’s as simple as that. It’s not that they should, or that they could. But they do.

How much do you actually believe something if you don’t act on it? If it doesn’t change the way you look at life?

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