Friendly Evangelism

Posted on January 30, 2008 by


The statement has been made of late that we should build relationships with people before we begin the dialogue of salvation (this is a summery of a lot of different books articles and conversations)

Some would say that we would be softening the gospel by doing this.

I would say that it actually does the opposite, it strengthens the gospel. So many times i have heard the gospel presented in a way that was rehearsed and overly condescending. But when we begin by sharing life with someone, and are intentionally living our faith, we are having a far greater impact on their lives than if we would have just up and introduced our selves and then pushed our best friend Jesus in their face and told them that He has to be their best friend too.

There is truth that we should never be ashamed of Christ and who we are, but as people we need to understand that relationships are the foundation of our lives and of our faith. all I’m saying  is that a freindship that is intentional in action, is more effective than a tract handed out on the street corner, or even the barber chair “do you know Jesus.”

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