Prayer| Be Careful

Posted on November 27, 2007 by


There is a fine line that we walk in prayer.


On one side we need to not limit God’s power. If God is the God of creation and of salvation, then who are we to decide what God can and cannot do. So praying in vague generalities and only for things that are within even our grasp is to limit God to do what we think He can do, or what we think He is already doing.

On the other side we need to be careful how we approach God. Even though our God desires a personal relationship with us He is still the almighty one, enthroned in all glory. He rules all creation and His will is supreme and cannot be frustrated. So when we approach the holy of holies as Christ’s blood allows us to, do not be without fear. Be humble; be aware that it is a blessing that he allows us to even speak His name. Demanding things from God… be careful friends.

Christ’s prayers should be a model for ours, the tone that we take with our Lord and Saviour should never exceed that of Christ’s with His Father. (Specifically Luke 22:42, John 17)

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