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It’s sometimes a touchy subject, this whole prayer thing.

What is it really?

How do we do it?

Is there a right time and place for it?

So I am only going to speak to my own experiences and interactions.

Tonight I had a very strong feeling as I sat on my couch, God wants to speak to you. So I decided to listen and make time and space for God, and He rocked me. I took some music that I picked out just for this, my bible, a notebook, and a candle. (of course a pencil too, how would i write?)

Let me tell you my life was changed.

A friend of mine told me once that he views his prayer life with God in the way that you would view a sexual relationship with your wife or husband. Now i know that might be a bit out there for some but hear it out. Prayer is the most intimate and personal thing we can do to relate to God. It is bearing our souls to Him, it is being completely Vulnerable. Jesus says that we are the Bride and He is the bridegroom, so the outline for the marital relationship figure is there. all this to say that he feels like if he speaks about what God specifically spoke to him and him alone then that is like a husband or wife sharing stories of their sex life with other people. I am starting to agree with this view more and more. Now it isn’t that whatever we pray about we keep to ourselves, or that group prayer is now something awkward and anxious, it is simply hold God’s personal special revelation with higher regard.

More to come on this…

Just a quick update, God has not stopped speaking to me this week. So many things are stretching me.

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