Live where you are | Work to where you are going

Posted on October 16, 2007 by


The biggest struggle in my life right now has been to live where I am, where God has placed me, while trying to prepare for what God has called me to do. Like I said in a previous post if the devil can’t kill you he will make you ineffective.

I guess I should elaborate on my situation… 🙂

I feel God very strongly calling me to be a worship leader, and to be a uniting agent within the church. But I am currently a music composition major, which may seem like they go well together but trust me they don’t line up on as many points as you would think. So I find my self either wanting to abandon my current situation to chase after my calling, or to ignore my calling for now so that I can focus on what I need to do now. And, in fact, both are wrong.

So I am struggling with what it looks like to be faithful where I am when I know I have been called somewhere else. So the best that has been revealed to me is that what i am doing now, the things that God has placed in my life now, are to prepare me in some aspect. That I need to trust in God enough to work hard now and believe that He will cause it to benefit Himself. This means, for me, that I need to be intentional with the things that I am doing now, and to be intentional to seek out opportunities that will start to push me down the path that leads to where God is calling me.

You could say that I have been reminded by God to keep my feet on the ground and my head in the clouds. To live in the now, but to have the future in mind. Having the future in mind doesn’t mean ignore the here and now, but it also doesn’t mean simply thinking about  what God has called you to. If God has called you to something, and you now know what it is, move towards it. Anything else is disobedience at some level and a lack of trust at another.

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