Living |in the| Middle

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A life of faith is full of painful middle grounds and difficult concepts.

We are saved and sanctified and yet we do not do what we want to do and what we hate, we do.

Salvation exists in 3 tenses continually –

We have been saved

We are being saved

We will be saved

Can we recognize that we live in this, can we acknowledge our Sainthood and still see fit to battle our “flesh”?

As we grow into being mature Christians we find that we more and more have the mind of Christ. That is, we find delight in the things He finds delight in and we are abhorred by the things He hates.

I have never been comfortable with the idea that we can lead virtually sinless lives. We can, however, strive for such closeness to God that we are pained by sin to the point at which the problem of willful sin is lessened to a great degree. Almost to the point of iradication so that when do sin we are almost as heartbroken as God is.  I have prayed at times for God to remove willful sin from my life. And it’s a strange thing asking God to manipulate our freewill. We pray for God to reignite the fire for Him, and we know He can. Look at pharaoh, God hardened his heart 10 time. But the question is will God take something we said in a moment of clarity or passion and comply our lives to such a statement?

Belief, what a struggle.

Mark 9:24b “I do believe, Help me overcome my unbelief.”

Because we are fallen we have the capacity to falter in our belief, to doubt. It is in those moments of doubt that our faith can be the strongest. To stand in the face of doubt and, with the help of God, Say “I still believe”

Rely on Him always   |never ignore our dual citizenship (heaven and earth)

“Give us faith to be strong, Give us strength to be faithful.” – Andrew Peterson

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