They Like Jesus But Not the Church – (immediate reactions)

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They Like Jesus But Not the Church

Yesterday I bought the book “They like Jesus but not the Church” by Dan Kimball, and I just finished it (2:01 am)

This book is possibly the best book on Christian living out there today. And in my opinion it could be the best book I’ve ever read.

Dan is pastor at Vintage Faith church in Santa Cruz, California. He speaks with such compassion and concern for today’s church and for the non-Christians that he is praying we will befriend. He beseeches the church to leave our Subculture Christian bubble and befriend the non-Christians that are in our everyday life. He also lets us know what the emerging generations are saying about the church and how they wish Christians would act. Since it’s late I won’t go into great detail. But I do have to say that I’ve never read a book that resonates so much with my inner being. It was like my heart and soul were screaming YES!!! ARE YOU READING THIS!!! YES!!!

Dan Kimball is often associated with the Emerging Church. Some have written some hurtful things about the Emerging Church and the people that align to what they are saying. But if this book is characteristic of the beliefs of those in the Emerging Church, then sign me up. I couldn’t find anything heretical, hypocritical, destructive, or mean spirited about this book, and I’m pretty critical.

This book made me excited to be a Christian again. I honestly can’t remember the last time I was this excited , and I say this teary eyed, about God and Jesus.

I will edit this soon and go more in depth. but that is my initial reaction.

God bless and keep you

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