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I was helping my sister move some of her stuff to her boyfriends parents house for a garage sale that they will be having this weekend, and after we had unloaded they invited us in to watch a little tv. One thing that we watched was an episode of this striking mini-series called Planet Earth. It was amazing to see the variety of God’s creation. and even to see how the fall has affected the animal kingdom. Death was never part of God’s plan for the original creation, man brought sin into the world and into his heart, and in the end God will redeem His creation in the end. It just struck me that the God who created all the things in existence and the God who sustains us all is the same God that we praise and can approach in worship and prayer. Our God is the true one true God and it is for Him that we try to live holy lives. I know I’m not really saying anything new, I was just overflowing with awe at our God and had to express it.

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